Five Year celebration

Don’t Miss The River Five Year Anniversary Celebration

On Sunday afternoon, October 22, The River is hosting a picnic. We’ll provide the food. You provide the company! There is no charge.

We’re celebrating five years of the Lord extending His grace and truth through the ministry of The River.

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Helping Others Read


Tuesday, May 31, 2022
6:30 pm-8:30 pm


This class will meet online on two consecutive Tuesday evenings, May 31 and June 7.

If you’ve been through “Reading Scripture” or attended any of the classes offered by The River, you’ve experienced the joy that comes from discovering you can read and understand the Bible for yourself.

How can you spread the word and share that joy? By reading Scripture with others–and we can help with that! The River is offering a two-evening intensive on “Helping Others Read.” We’ll explore a few of the big ideas that can help you share the joy of reading Scripture with others–family, friends, co-workers, and others in your church.

You don’t need to have taken “Reading Scripture” to attend–although that course is a great foundation. The focus will be less on that content of that class and more on the things that can help you spread the idea of the joy of reading the Word. All you need is a desire to share that joy with others.

The class will meet online on two Tuesday evenings, May 31 and June 7. Although the course is free and open to anyone who wants to attend, we ask you to register so that we can plan accordingly.

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