Five Year celebration

Don’t Miss The River Five Year Anniversary Celebration

On Sunday afternoon, October 22, The River is hosting a picnic. We’ll provide the food. You provide the company! There is no charge.

We’re celebrating five years of the Lord extending His grace and truth through the ministry of The River.

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Course Overview

Courses are scheduled in a modular format; for example, once a week for a 6-8 week period. This allows participants to focus on the material while not unduly disrupting their lives and ministry, and still providing opportunity to sufficiently cover the intended topic.

Each course is anchored in a broad consensus of evangelical, Biblical truth. Each course is designed to immerse participants in Biblical texts as the foundation for everything taught. Instructors for the courses are seasoned and gifted Bible teachers who share the vision for this ministry and who are practitioners, and not merely theoreticians.

Reading Scripture is offered multiple times throughout the year and is the foundational course for the rest of the classes. The other classes are offered in rotation. The stream of classes can be entered at just about any point.

The full series of core courses would take approximately two-and-a-half years to complete, with one course taken every few months. Those who are not interested or able to pursue the full series of courses are invited to take those classes they feel would be of greatest personal help.

Types of Courses


Courses are scheduled in a modular format. Core courses meet one night a week over a five or six week period allowing participants to take classes while not unduly disrupting their lives and ministry.

Each course is anchored in a consensus of evangelical, Biblical truth and is designed to immerse the participants in Biblical texts as the foundation for all that is taught.

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In addition to core classes, The River offers on-and-two evening “intensives”. These shorter classes focus on a particular passage or topic – an issue that might not require the kind of time given to a regular class.

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Text du Jour

We hold an open forum, question and answer time, on the first Monday of each month called Text du Jour. This is a safe environment for people to come with their basic questions about the Bible and the life of faith.

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