Five Year celebration

Don’t Miss The River Five Year Anniversary Celebration

On Sunday afternoon, October 22, The River is hosting a picnic. We’ll provide the food. You provide the company! There is no charge.

We’re celebrating five years of the Lord extending His grace and truth through the ministry of The River.

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The Doctor’s Exam and Reading Scripture

In her book Every Patient Tells a Story (New York: Broadway Books, 2009), Dr. Lisa Sanders addresses a number issues related to the “art of diagnosis”—exploring how doctors’ experience, training, and intuition aid them in rightly solving the most challenging of diagnostic problems. In one of the sections of her book, she shares multiple firsthand […]

What Hearing Looks Like

Another dad and I were talking about how we enter into the world of our kids. In order to connect with our children, we’ve discovered how important it is it find a way to get into what matters to them and not simply try to get them to care about what matters to us. That’s […]

I’m Feeling a Little Thirsty . . . and That’s Good!

As I think about my life with Jesus, I really long for a satisfying, vital, genuine relationship. I do not want a theoretical relationship; I don’t want an ethical system based on the teachings of Jesus. I want life with him. I want genuine intimacy with someone. But at times I just don’t feel it. […]

What I Learned About Reading Scripture From My Dog

It is fascinating watching my dog as I bring her a meal. The same dish, the same place, the same food. And she can’t wait to dive in! It’s not that we don’t give her something special or something different from time to time. It’s not that we don’t have a good supply of treats […]

Watching Him Run

I saw a mother run toward her child in the mall. The boy was middle-school aged. He was with a friend. They had shopping bags in their hands. And when the mother saw the boys she ran toward them. And what she did next gave me pause. She screamed at them. There in the mall. I […]