Five Year celebration

Don’t Miss The River Five Year Anniversary Celebration

On Sunday afternoon, October 22, The River is hosting a picnic. We’ll provide the food. You provide the company! There is no charge.

We’re celebrating five years of the Lord extending His grace and truth through the ministry of The River.

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Is It That It Is Hard to Understand?

If you already know how to read and you have access to a Bible, why does it at times seem that the Bible is hard to understand and is boring? Maybe what we overlook is that we already read in a variety of ways. Maybe what gives rise to the feelings that the Bible is […]

You Already Know . . .

Sitting with a few friends over lunch, we talked about reading Scripture. Our little band was made up of an elder from a local church, a Bible teacher, a mission administrator, and a president of a Asian seminary and Bible college. Our conversation turned to the seeming sad state of affairs in the church in […]

And The Spirit’s Part?

Although a great deal The River’s focus is to help people read and understand the Bible, it is not merely a “natural” thing we do. Our reading Scripture is not simply a matter of applying ourselves to the task of reading. Although the goal of reading the Bible should be to read the Bible (and […]

Why Not Just Read the Bible?

So many Bible study books, with long chapters and multiplied “principles,” imply you need to master some specific content before you can feel confident that you could actually read the Bible. It’s not that there aren’t principles to be learned, but too often the approach taken is too intimidating to someone who already isn’t reading […]

Scripture is Foundational

After the resurrection, two of those who had been following Jesus for some time were on their way from Jerusalem back to their home in Emmaus. They weren’t part of the inner circle of twelve, but they were readily identified as “disciples” of Jesus (Luke 24:13–35) They knew some things about Jesus. They knew of […]