Five Year celebration

Don’t Miss The River Five Year Anniversary Celebration

On Sunday afternoon, October 22, The River is hosting a picnic. We’ll provide the food. You provide the company! There is no charge.

We’re celebrating five years of the Lord extending His grace and truth through the ministry of The River.

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What You Might Not Know You Know

One of the core ideas in our Reading Scripture class is that most readers already bring to the Bible nearly everything they need to know in order to read and make sense of the Bible. They might just not know what they already know! Fundamentally, it’s not an issue of an inability to read and […]

A video intro to The River

Brian was recently on a local information program that was broadcast in the greater Upstate region of South Carolina. The following link will take you to the short video that will give you a glimpse into some of the things that are at the heart of The River. See the Video  

Something better than good advice

It’s common. You sit with a group of friends talking about life and challenges and daily struggles. And, with compassion, someone weighs in. He or she offers some advice. “Let me tell you what I did when I faced the same thing just a few weeks ago.” “My doctor told me something about that very […]