What Others Are Saying

    I came away with a better understanding of how to read the Scriptures. Reading with real intentionality brought fresh insight to many familiar passages. If you want to read those familiar Bible stories with fresh perspective for fresh insight, you need this class.

    Reading Scripture attendee

    I loved examining the words of the passage. It helped me have a greater understanding of what God wanted me to understand in what was written. I would love to study whole books of the Bible this way!

    Ephesians 1 Intensive attendee

    I have been a believer for over 35 years, but this is the first time I have been taught a practical method of good Bible study. Good Bible study seems generally to be perceived as an “assumed skill” rather than a “taught skill.” Thanks for not assuming we know how to read the Scriptures well.

    Reading Scripture attendee

    I am so in awe of God! He has been intentionally pursuing His people from the beginning. Through this class, I gained an appreciation for the Old Testament through a grace-based lens. I see Leviticus in a whole new light!

    Making Sense of the Old Testament attendee

    Wow. What a treat this study was! I had seriously overlooked this book barely remembering it was there. You truly brought it back to life for me and these past couple of days it’s been on the forefront of my thoughts. I always love studies at The River, however, this one kind of touched me in a neat way. Maybe because suddenly it’s the “little book that could!” Thanks for working so hard to bring truth into our hearts.

    Philemon Intensive attendee

    I want to thank you for partnering with God in equipping us through reading Scripture more attentively and exploring the details that are there.  My eyes have definitely been opened and I crave more, not just for my own journey but to encourage and help others see this.  It’s a super fun journey. I am grateful for what God is doing through the River.

    Reading Scripture attendee

    My take away: Think outside the box–not just what I’ve been fed. Read passages where they appear in Scripture–pay attention to the context. Keep it simple.

    Not for Show: The Miracle of Jesus Intensive attendee

    Tonight we were plunging into the deep truths of the Gospel in Romans. We were challenged to speak to others clearly and fully about all that Jesus did for us on the cross. The words of Scripture matter. Righteousness, justification, redemption, atonement, propitiation. Upon these words hang all that makes our calling and election sure in Christ.

    Romans Intensive attendee

    I appreciate the way that the class has caused me to think and really read the Bible for what it was meant to be . . . telling God’s story. It’s stirred me to want to learn more of Him everyday and to know Him and to recognize what He is doing and join Him!

    Reading Scripture attendee

    What an amazing journey! I am learning to read Scripture in a fresh way. This is a must class. I’m learning to understand Scripture in a much more genuine, deeper way.

    Reading Scripture attendee

    Why do we not talk about this more? If this is true–and it is–this changes everything about how I think about my life with Jesus!

    Embracing New Life in Jesus attendee

    For years I’ve longed to know what heaven will be like. I’ve read and read but found little that I understood. Golden streets are fine, but they don’t really do it for me. But tonight, exploring the life we are given as pictured in Romans 8, I got a glimpse of the heaven I’ve been looking for as we looked through the lens of God’s Word. I am very excited!

    Romans 8 Intensive attendee