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Not What Was Expected

I had two back-to-back meetings at a local Starbucks. But the store computers were down. It wasn’t a heart break for me, as I don’t go for the coffee. (I have never had a cup of coffee, but I typically order something because I’m meeting in their space.)   I ended up sitting outside on […]

Does He Still Speak?

It is either the height of arrogance or the depth of deception or both for the professed Christian to insist he is directly and personally hearing from God when God spoke directly to less than 100 people during the first 4,000 years of recorded human history, and when, for the last 1900+ years, we have […]

What Jesus Was Trying to Say . . .

Sadly, I have caught myself doing it. When opening up the Bible and discussing a passage with someone I can find myself saying something like: What Jesus was trying to say . . . What God tried to communicate . . . What the Spirit was attempting to convey . . . And I have […]

Don’t Just Sit There . . .

It is the centerpiece of most Sunday church offerings. After the announcements have been made and the opening songs have been sung, attention is turned to the platform—to the podium or the chair or the video screen—and someone preaches. That is how it should be. The New Testament gives a clear call for the ministry […]

If You Could Have Those Hours Back . . .

Do you ever re-think the day? Reflect back on what you did, or did not, do? And have you wondered what it would be like if you could travel back in time, even for just a few hours, to live some moment differently? As I reflected on that, I wondered how amazing it would be […]